Friday, July 28, 2006

The world from above is a different place. Even the most filthy, sprawling, chaotic city can look peaceful and serene when viewed from a height.
I´m living for the moment in an apartment on the 9th foor of an imposing tower block in the Macarena, overlooking the city of Bogotá. Every day I am afforded the opportunity to witness this crazy, sprawling city silently come to life below me, before I travel down in the lift and out onto the street to become part of the excitment and the adventure that is Bogotá.
It´s Friday and it´s raining. From my perch in front of the window I can see the Septima, the number seven road that runs the length of the city, parallel to the mountains. The heavy traffic is moving slow. Ancient tin can buses bumper to bumper spewing noxious fumes out into the already heavily polluted atmosphere. Taxis weaving creatively in and out of the waiting lines of traffic. Cyclists wearily trawling through the weather, clad head to toe in bright yellow water proofs. Umbrellas bobbing up and down as people scurry along the streets. The sky is dull and heavy. Dirty, 70s skyscrapers punctuate my horizon. Some days I can see the ´El Campin´ stadium in the distance, today it is obscured by a grey blanket of smog.
I´ll have a different view later, when night has descended on the city. I´ll witness a perfect picture postcard that will delight and entrance . The Bogotá cityscape sparkling in the blackness. Dirt, poverty and chaos wrapped up in a chocolate box confection and hidden by a fairy light fantasy.....